Stacey Lane Studio Jewelry
Bird EarringsRabbit RingBronze Disk EarringsPearl Droplet Pendant on Wheat ChainBronze Flower Spray EarringsFancy Dendritic NecklaceHumpback Whale PendantBow RingMedallion with Beaucoup StonesRat RingWilting Lily RingReliquary Earrings with Quartz CabochonsLittle Tail Pendant with TourmalineEngravable Love TokenFlower Bud RingEncrusted Teardrop Earrings in SterlingSurround Earrings in Silver, Ruby and PyriteDouble Disk Bronze EarringsReliquary Earrings with Rectangular Green StonesDazzling Crimped EarringsSmall Disk Earrings in SterlingGeorgian Green Stone Surround EarringsSmall Bronze Disk EarringsTiny Bird EarringsCrimped Garnet EarringsEncrusted Teardrop Earrings in BronzeTrembling Earrings with Lab Grown RubiesQuartz Reliquary EarringsGeorgian Lab Grown Blue Sapphire EarringsGeorgian Lab Grown Ruby EarringsTrembling EarringsTiny Reliquary EarringsGeorgian Moonstone Reliquary EarringsSurround EarringsSurround EarringsGeorgian Quartz and Lab Grown Ruby Reliquary EarringsDotted Trembling EarringsDiamond  Shaped Earrings with Lab Grown RubiesLabradorite, Ruby and Sterling EarringsTourmaline and Lab Grown Ruby Reliquary Earrings Surround EarringsRose Cut Labradorite EarringsGarnet Trembling EarringsBird EarringsPyrite Trembling EarringsReversible Labradorite  EarringsRose Cut Moonstone Cage EarringsSide View of Moonstone Cage EarringsFaceted Labradorite EarringsLarge Rose Cut Oval Moonstone Earrings
Dotted Bronze Disk EarringsOrange Sapphire Dotted EarringsRobin Red Breast EarringsRat Surround EarringsFish Cycle EarringsDome EarringsBird and Wheat EarringsGold Cage EarringsSurround EarringsRabbit EarringsReflection EarringsPeacock EarringsBranch and Claw EarringsBird Conversation EarringsClaw and Pearl EarringsPyrite Portrait EarringsFire Opal Trembling EarringsBud Earrings with Red StonesOval Dotted Earrings with Red StonesDouble Stone EarringsSurround Earrings with Garnets and SapphiresBronze Trembling Earrings with Red StonesRoman Trembling EarringsBlue Portrait EarringsWhite Pearl Open Loop EarringsPurpleheart EarringsLabradorite Reversible EarringsPearl Surround Earrings with Blue StonesRose Cut Pyrite Trembling EarringsBronze Droplets with Red StonesRoman Trembling EarringsDotted Oval EarringsSterling Droplets with Red StonesSurround EarringsSurround Earrings with Lab Grown Rubies and Multi-colored StonesCage Droplet EarringsDotted Droplet EarringsTrembling EarringsTalon EarringsHoney Bun EarringsCZ DanglesVictorian Bow with Dark Grey DanglesOrange Sapphire and Garnet Surround EarringsVictorian Bow with White Pearl DanglesRuby Trembling Earrings with White PearlsRuby and Apatite Cabachon EarringsRoman Trembling Earrings with Grey PearlsGrey/Green Sapphire and Pink Pearl Surround EarringsGreen Sapphire and Pink Pearl Surround EarringsVesica Piscis Sapphire and Ruby EarringsVesica Piscis Orange Sapphire EarringsSwedish Maid EarringsRuby Cluster with Trembling Glass DropletsGlass Droplet Bud EarringsChain of Disks Droplet Earrings with RubiesClaw and Ruby Droplet EarringsOrange Sapphire and Pink Pearl Trembling EarringsFlower with Droplet DanglesRuby and Carnelion Teardrop Surround EarringsRound Disk Earrings with RubiesBarleycorn and Flower EarringsOrange Sapphire and Grey Pearl Surround EarringsBeaver Tail Trembling EarringsCarnelion Cage Earrings DetailCarnelion Cage EarringsCrab Claw EarringsClaw, Branch and Lantern Earrings with RubiesChain of Flowers Droplet EarringsMaple Seed Earrings with SapphiresDotted Earrings with RubiesDotted Oval EarringsBow Earrings with Pink Pearl DropletsBow Earrings in White Pearl with RubiesBow Earrings in Light Grey Pearl with RubiesBouquet and Pearl EarringsWhite Pearl Drop EarringsGrey Pearl Drop EarringsBows with Teardrop TurquoiseRuby Scroll RingDotted Silver Signet with Gold BandTalon RingCrab Claw RingBronze and Sterling Ring with Lab Grown RubiesSterling Rabbit RingCrab Claw Ring View 2Encrusted RingRat RingSterling Knot RingSterling Earthworm RingBerry RingSmall Signet Ring with Red StoneSmall Scroll RingSterling Duck RingDotted Sterling RingBuckle Ring in Sterling and 18k Gold with Faux AlexandriteDotted Ring with Orange SapphireRat Ring - Additional ViewBerry Ring in Sterling with Red StonesSterling Vesica Ring with Blue StoneRat Ring with Sapphire and Ruby - Top ViewSterling and Lab Grown Ruby RingSterling and Orange Sapphire RingBud Ring in SterlingDuck Ring with Ruby RuffleLozenge Ring in Sterling with Red StonesDuck Ring with Ruby Ruffle - Top ViewRabbit RingOval Sapphire and Ruby Fancy RingOrange Sapphire Claw RingLoaf Ring with Rubies and SapphireGreen Stone with Rubies and Sapphires RingTurquoise and Ruby RingTalon Ring with Orange SapphireTalon Ring with Orange Sapphire - DetailLow Blossom Ring with Sapphire and RubiesVesica Piscis Eye Ring with Ruby and SapphireVesica Piscis Eye Ring with Ruby and Sapphire Side ViewVesica Piscis Orange Sapphire RingVesica Piscis Ruby and Sapphire RingTurquoise Cocktail Ring Side ViewTurquoise Cocktail Ring with Claw ProngsRabbit in a Thicket RingsFancy RingLow Blossom RingSparrow and Rat RingsCrab Claw Wedding SetPearl Cuff BraceletQueen Anne's Lace BroochHawk Weed BroochQueen Anne's Lace BroochBarleycorn Fetish NecklaceTassel Tale DetailTassel Tale NecklaceSentinalDragonfly Tale Necklace - Back ViewDragonfly Tale NecklaceTurquoise Stone and Sapphire NecklaceApatite, Sapphire, Ruby and Green Stone NecklaceWhite Pearl, Sapphire and Ruby NecklaceChampagne Pearl and Sapphire Necklace with SwansHeart Pendant with Yellow SapphireGrey Pearl with Teardrop Carnelion and Sapphire NecklaceChain of Flowers PendantSwan and Chain of Flowers Necklace DetailSwan and Chain of Flowers Tiered Pearl NecklaceTiered Grey Pearl and Sapphire NecklaceEncrusted Necklace with Sapphires and Coral RoseLarge Pearl Droplet with Sapphire RiderEncrusted Medallion in Sterling with Lab Grown Rubies and TurquoiseMedallion with Orange Sapphires and Black DiamondsMedallionEngraved Love TokenHeart Pendant with Ruby and PearlLarge Love Token with Lab Grown RubiesEncrusted Necklace with Sapphires and Pink PearlDendritic Stone Necklace with Lab Grown GarnetsDendritic Pendant in Sterling on Black CordDendritic Quartz and Black Diamond NecklaceSterling Mandala Necklace with Red StonesKnotted Black Graduated Bead Necklace with Bronze and Red Stone ClaspDetail of Black Resin Bead NecklacePeridot NecklaceRabbit in a Thicket Engraved Love TokenSmall Love Token in Sterling with Lab Grown RubiesSilver Love TokenHeart Pendant with RubiesLove Token With Fifteen Red StonesSasquatch Pendant on Sterling Wheat Chain
Encrusted Sapphire and Flower NecklaceEncrusted Pendant with Sapphire MarquisPink Pearl PendantDendritic Quart Necklace with DotsClaw Pendant with Pink Pearl DropletHeart with Ruby and Brass LoopPawley's Shell Pendant on Sterling Wheat Chain
Heart Milagro with EyeSmall Heart Pendant with Ruby and 14k Loop
Gallery of Past Work
Gallery of Past Work

These are pieces that I have made over the years. Many now reside in locations scattered across the globe. (And some reside in my own jewelry box...)

Click on the thumbnails for a closer view...