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Hawk Love Token
Hawk Love Token
Coin Silver (90% silver)
The size of a quarter.


Hawks are magic. There is one that sits on the phone line on my route home from the grocery store, where it has a view of what happens on the highway, and on the North Toe River that runs under the bridge. It has become a touchstone. I also had the thrill of having a Blood Hawk familiar named "Dolly" when I played a Druid Gnome in an epic online DnD game during the pandemic.

This one can keep watch over you, or someone you care about.

This love token is engraved on one side of a vintage quarter. The other side still looks like a quarter.



This pendant comes without a chain. If you would like to add a chain, please order at the link in the shop, and I am happy to add the pendant to the chain prior to shipping.

Each piece is packaged in a recycled paper box, ready to wear or to give as a gift.

It should ship within 2 to 3 days of your order.

Stacey Lane, Studio Jeweler