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Buckle Ring
18k gold, sterling silver, lab grown alexandrite
Cage Ring
Recycled gold and lab grown alexandrite
Fancy Ring
Sterling silver, 22k gold, and lab grown ruby
Sterling silver and lab grown garnets
Lozenge Ring in Sterling with Red Stones
Sterling silver and lab grown rubies
Bud Ring
Sterling silver
Rat Ring
Sterling silver
Ribbon Ring
Sterling silver
Rabbit in a Thicket Rings
18k gold, sterling silver
Rat Ring
18k gold
Fancy Ring
18k gold, rubies, emerald
Low Blossom Ring
18k gold, rubies and sapphire
Crab Claw Wedding Set
14k gold and rubies
Dotted Silver Signet with Gold Band
Sterling silver, 18k gold
Crab Claw Ring View 2
18k gold and ruby
Encrusted Ring
Sterling silver, 18k gold, manmade and natural rubies
Sterling silver ring knot
Sterling silver
Flower Bud Ring
Sterling silver
Sterling Duck Ring
Sterling silver
Dotted Ring with Orange Sapphire
Sterling silver and orange sapphire
Small Scroll Ring
14k gold, sterling silver, rubies
Lozenge Ring in Sterling with Red Stones
Sterling silver, red stones
Sparrow and Rat Rings
Sterling silver and rubies